When were we founded?
In 2009 by Marine Major Sam Johnson and Paul Spurgin.

Are we a non-profit organization?
We are a Pennsylvania 501 (c).(3) non-profit.

How much of the collections goes to the servicemen?
In 2016, 85% of collected income.

Who do we offer assistance too?
Servicemen and women wounded on or since 911 with a VA rating and a better than dishonorable discharge.

What kind of assistance do we provide?
Almost anything, “Practical solutions to Practical problems”, food cards, cars, car repairs, utility bills, rent, mortgages, medical bills, home renovations, etc..

How can I donate?
Volunteer, send donation, come to an event and help or participate, let us know what you want to do, we’ll set you up.

Can I purchase KW clothing?
See our gear page or come to an event and purchase.